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Levenshulme leads Manchester entertainment for Halloween

If you're looking for local Manchester entertainment this Halloween, head to Levenshulme, south-east of the city centre.

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Things to do in Manchester start at Legoland

Mention Legoland to most people in the UK, and they'll immediately think of Windsor - but the perennially popular building-brick toy is also firmly on the list of things to do in Manchester.

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Manchester entertainment peaks with Man Utd visit

A visit to Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, could be the best kind of Manchester entertainment for 659 million people worldwide.

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Blue Moon Way adds to things to do in Manchester

There are plenty of things to do in Manchester for football fans, from a trip to Old Trafford, to a visit to the National Football Museum at the Urbis Building in Cathedral Gardens, Manchester city centre.

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Manchester restaurants hit the street for Picnic

Manchester restaurants and local food producers will be taking their tasty treats to the public this summer as Manchester Picnic 2012 takes place in the city centre's Piccadilly Gardens space.

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Book Manchester hotels now for July Jazz Festival

Manchester hotels will be filling up this summer in preparation for the hugely popular Manchester Jazz Festival, due to take place on July 13th-21st.

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More Manchester entertainment for Jubilee weekend

If you're in the north-west during the Diamond Jubilee weekend at the beginning of June, there's plenty of Manchester entertainment to keep you busy.

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Manchester Day makes June 10th the red-letter day of Manchester entertainment in 2012

June 10th marks the pinnacle of Manchester entertainment for summer 2012, as Manchester Day sees local artists take to the streets in an eye-catching parade.

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Things to do in Manchester this Spring

There are plenty of things to do in Manchester this Spring, whatever the weather - the city may be famous for its rain, but it's also well experienced in how to deal with it!

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Manchester Histories Festival promises a weekend of Manchester entertainment

Following an itinerary of Manchester entertainment events that began on February 24th, Manchester Histories Festival marks 'Celebration Day' on Saturday March 3rd.

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