Manchester entertainment peaks with Man Utd visit

A visit to Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, could be the best kind of Manchester entertainment for 659 million people worldwide.

In a recent survey conducted by market research firm Kantar, the club's follower base was found to be larger than the combined populations of Mexico, Brazil and the US.

The total includes 108 million Chinese fans - nearly half of the country's entire supporter base - among 325 million followers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Another 71 million Americans and 173 million Middle East and Africa fans add to the figure, with 90 million supporters closer to home in Europe.

Manchester United's commercial director Richard Arnold says: "It's their passion and support that means, year after year, we can continue doing what matters most to everyone at the club - playing attacking football and competing for trophies."

And it's those trophies that make Old Trafford itself a key addition to the forms of Manchester entertainment fans of the club plan for their visit to the city.

Even if you don't head to the stadium itself, it's worth checking whether any of Manchester United's trophies are on display in the city's museums and galleries at any given time, particularly if they are celebrating a recent win - and the years to come are likely to make the same a worthwhile approach for Manchester City fans, too.

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