Things to do in Manchester this Spring

There are plenty of things to do in Manchester this Spring, whatever the weather - the city may be famous for its rain, but it's also well experienced in how to deal with it!

In fact, the sky plays quite a part in some of the things to do in Manchester city centre.

Most recently, a large asteroid made headlines across the UK when it appeared as a fireball in the sky, while unusually high magnetic activity from the Sun made it possible to see the Northern Lights throughout the country.

At the Museum of Science & Industry - on Liverpool Road, which is opposite the unmissable Beetham Tower on Deansgate - an entire hall is dedicated to air and space.

You can see a range of aircraft for free, or for a small fee you can join one of the shows in the planetarium - but it's wise to buy tickets in advance on busy days.

Beneath the museum is the Underground Manchester exhibition, which looks at how water is supplied to the city's inhabitants and includes a painstakingly rebuilt authentic Victorian sewer found beneath Market Street.

Finally, if the sun shines, head out from the museum across Liverpool Road, and there's a modern-day recreation of a Roman fort that once stood on the site.

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