More Manchester entertainment for Jubilee weekend

If you're in the north-west during the Diamond Jubilee weekend at the beginning of June, there's plenty of Manchester entertainment to keep you busy.

June is a busy month throughout for Manchester entertainment, with community activities at the start - Neighbours Day on June 1st and National Volunteering Week on June 1st-7th - followed by more events that are a little more tourist-friendly.

We already told you about the Manchester Day Parade scheduled for June 10th, but it's also worth sticking around for the Olympic torch relay, due to pass through the area on June 23rd-24th.

But those aren't the only things to do in Manchester this June, as the Diamond Jubilee means there will be plenty of parties taking place across the city.

Manchester City Council has promised to make small grants of up to £200 available to organisers to help raise the number of 'neighbourhood events' taking place between June 1st and 5th.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for people to hold these events in the city," says Manchester City Council's deputy leader Sue Murphy.

If you're looking for things to do in Manchester in early June, it might be worth checking whether any street parties or similar events are planned for the area where you're going to be staying - allowing you to join in the party atmosphere created by the Jubilee and the Olympic torch's journey through the region.

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